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    Highly experienced network professional with sound competency in network administration, design, monitoring, technical support, testing, training and consulting. Customer-focused and adept at problem diagnosis and resolution. I am passionate about technology and enjoy overcoming complex technical roadblocks. I have more than 6 years of experience in the IT industry, combined with significant coursework in network security and protocols, back-end application/database support and industry best practices. I've been recognized for technical troubleshooting skills which I have used to rapidly and cost-effectively resolve technical issues. I've been successful in both team and self-directed settings; I am proficient in a range of computer systems, languages, tools and testing methodologies.




    High Court of (J&K),Srinagar

    The Jammu and Kashmir High Court is the High Court of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It was established in the year 1928 by letters patent issued by the Maharaja of Jammu Kashmir. The seat of the court shifts between its summer capital Srinagar and winter capital Jammu

    Senior Technical Officer (IT)

    March 2017-Present


    • Server Administration, Network Administration including Internet, email and security system administration & domain management.
    • Assist software development team for backup and recovery of database and applications for keeping up to date backup.
    • Effective supervision and administration of LAN and WAN connectivity.
    • Effective supervision and administration of NAS and intra-site replication.
    • Effective supervision and administration of Core Network Switches in a VLT pair.
    • Effective supervision and administration of L2 managed switches.
    • Effective supervision and administration of Blade Servers. 
    • Planning storage capacity, archiving, backup and recovery procedures for uninterrupted functioning of the IT infrastructure.
    • Management of policies related to hardware and software requirements.
    • Supervising security audit requirements.
    • Management of proper documentation related to system/network security.

    Fast Maximum Services Pvt.Ltd

    Fast Maximum Services  is a leading website design & Development company . Specializing in online marketing,Search Engine Optimization.IT Enabled Services & ecommerce website provider company, Jammu and Kashmir

    Server & Network Administrator

    Jan 2015 – Feb 2017


    • Spearheading the responsibility of server & network maintenance and troubleshooting in regards to network connectivity, processor utilization, share(s) creation, file/folder/data restoration and drive space capacity configuration.
    • Effectively leading the process of implementation and configuration of servers & networks, operating/managing windows operating systems and maintaining server environment.
    • Efficiently managing the responsibility of handling server & network issues and providing technical insights in maintaining network infrastructure.
    • Identifying system requirements, handling end to end testing and maintenance activities of servers, providing configuration, administrative support and performing strategic planning.
    • Developing server maintenance programs and ensuring servers are compliant, assisting on any audit as per company’s requirement to verify they are indeed compliant.
    • Following all IT Governance processes including maintenance window utilization, risk assessment changes to ensure compliance

    HCL Technologies


    Feb 2014 – Dec 2014


    •  Developed and maintained installation and configuration procedures, contributed to maintain system standards.
    •  Proactively performed the responsibility of troubleshooting system dependencies to host contractual solution and scripting for various reports and automation of routine task.
    •  Shouldered the responsibility of regular security monitoring to identify any possible intrusions. Was responsible for adding, removing or updating user accounts information and resetting  passwords
    •  Performed backups, applied operating system updates, patches and configuration changes. Installed and configured new hardware and software.
    • Effectively consolidated network operations to service customer needs, by means of visualization and removing equipment at its End of Life as necessary.

    Horizon IT Solutions

    Jr.Server Admin 

    May 2013 – Nov 2013


    • Install new / rebuild existing servers and configure hardware, peripherals, services, settings, directories, storage, etc. in accordance with standards and project/operational requirements.
    • Develop and maintain installation and configuration procedures.
    • Contribute to and maintain system standards.
    • Operations and Support
    • Perform regular security monitoring to identify any possible intrusions.
    • Create, change, and delete user accounts per request.
  • My Projects

    10G LAN Deployment at J&K High Court, Srinagar

    Deployment of 10G LAN at both wings of High Court of J&K with dual connectivity including Active:Active core fiber switches in a VLT pair,creation of VLAN's,QoS on UDP packet.Rapid STP on L2 switches.Vendor DELL EMC

    10G LAN Deployment at J&K High Court, Jammu

    Deployment of 10G LAN at both wings of High Court of J&K with dual connectivity including Active:Active core fiber switches in a VLT pair,creation of VLAN's,QoS on UDP packet.Rapid STP on L2 switches.Vendor DELL EMC

    Blade Server Deployment at J&K High Court, Jammu & Srinagar

    Deployment of Blade Servers at both wings of High Court of J&K with dual connectivity including Active:Active core fiber switches with a combination of 1TB Ram and new Gen 9 Blades

    NAS Deployment at J&K High Court, Jammu & Srinagar

    Deployment of NAS at both wings of High Court of J&K with dual connectivity including Active:Active core fiber switches with a combination of 168 TB of storage

  • Education

    M.Tech (Electronics & Communication)

    B.Tech (Electronics & Communication)



    AMCAT Certified Proficiency in English


    URL: https://www.myamcat.com/certificate/672962/proficiency-in-english/284

    Cisco Certified Network Associate 

  • My Publications


    Study and Review the Black Hole Attack and Grey Hole Attack

    Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) is network of wireless communication, dynamic topology, limited resources and lack of centralized administration. MANETs are vulnerable to various types of Denial of Service (DoS) attack on network layer. In Gray hole and Black hole attacks malicious nodes deliberately disturb data transmission in the network by sending incorrect routing information. It is a challenge to keep the communication route free from such attackers. The purpose is to characterize and compare the popular DoS attack used by the attackers in recent times, One major DOS attack against the Optimized Link State Routing protocol (OLSR) known as the node isolation attack occurs when topological knowledge of the network is exploited by an attacker who is able to isolate the victim from the rest of the network and subsequently deny communication services to the victim. In this thesis, we suggest a novel solution to defend the OLSR protocol from node isolation attack by employing the same tactics used by the attack itself.


  • Performance optimization MPLS-MANET Networks over Black Hole Attack

    MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) is the powerful technology to build and managed effectively internal and outside network. This technology has outstanding performance than other technology that executed in networking devices like routers, layer 3 devices. The administrator has run this open nature technology to provide uninterrupted speed for end users. This approach has some cons like it does not examine vulnerability activity and therefore, we can measures prevention steps to stop such kind of activity. Now, in this paper, we explore the black hole attack and to mitigate the attack with some sort of algorithm. Black hole attack is a routing attack that extracts the information in the middle of the transmission line by the attacker. This type of attack either performed on the high speed and low-speed networks. We are using mobile nodes that communicate with a router and all the devices execute MPLS approach. NS-2 simulator has been used for implementation of the proposed solution and compares to existing approaches.






    Navigation Systems

    Windows Server

    Computer Hardware

    Microsoft Exchange

    Cisco Proffesional

    Solar Winds Professional


    Clients served

    Network Monitoring

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